Kammanah Village

KAMMANAH Village lays atop the peaks of mt. KAMMANAH/Kammon (598 m. ) on the south-eastern side of Karmiel , neighboring Kammon and Makhmanem settlements . The Residents of Kammanah are descendants of the Sawaed Tribe , the population of the village is estimated over 1500 souls .

The origin of the name Kammanah, in Arabic , is a hidden or sheltered place . The village is under the jurisdiction of the Mesgav, regional municipally since 1980 .

The village is divided by the Kammanah river into 3 separate regions :

East side : neighboring Kammon settlement and is considered the largest part of the population .

The north said, aka: al-jalasah, lays on the norther border of mt. Kammon and oversees Bet Hakerem valley .

The west side neighbors Makhmanem settlement . Aswell as another part of the tribe who resides within the settlement of Kammon : know as " the sons of shhadah " .

The different regions/neighborhoods view Haifa , ha karmel mountains, the Galil mountains and valleys , Nazareth , Nof Ha Galil , Tebaris , Golan heights , and zafat and Miron mountains.

Close by one can see the towns of Bet Ha Kerem valley( Al Shaghoor valley) :Ein Al Asad , Ramah, Sajoor , Nahef , B'aina , Deir El Asad , Majd Al Koroom . the foothills are covered with ancient olive trees . At the edge of Kammon river lays a year-round spring called " Ein al Kammanah ".

The Sawaed tribe are descendants of Sa'd eben abi al waqqas , a a military general and a follower of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) ; the tribe originated in the Arabian peninsula , migrated to Iraq , Syria ; and under the Othman empire rule moved to Al Hula Valley and settled at " Kherbat al Waqqas " known today as ;Ayilet Ha Shahar .

Around the year 1820 they moved to the Galil and scattered throughout : Kammanah , Salama , Ras al Ein and more .

Whilst in the eastern neighborhood lays "Kherbet Al Kammanh " around it over a hundred of houses were built at the dawn of the century constituting the corner stone of the village , and henceforth more and more homes were build making the Jalasah and western Kammnah as know to date.

The almost exclusive source of income was livestock farming(mostly Goats and cows) and growing crops mostly seeds .

Today, within the village , mosques , schools , public parks , and sports grounds were built .

Al-Ein Marquee – Kammanah

The marquee is located on the west ern side of the Eastern-Kammanah , overlooking the kammanah river and spring which makes the path linking kammanah to Salama , and is considered one of the most famous and traversed hiking paths in the area .

We receive and entertain a wide range of gatherings and crowds , ranging from families , to organized groups and youth groups from inside and outside the country.

Tourist services include :

A.Authentic Bedouin hosting :lectures and tours , explaining the history of the area , the Bedouin society , and my personal biography.

1.a tour of the western kammanah , sightseeing, public attractions and development of the village .

2. a tour of kammanah river and spring .

3. Coffee workshop; traditions, and history and heritage behind it .

4. a lecture explain the lifestyle of the Bedouin community and its shift from traveling lifestyle up till settling here, and the process of becoming recognized by the government , and getting approval for and budgets infra-structure and other municipal services , including , but not limited to, Women empowerment , bridging the generational gaps , education and more.

Ps: every tour and lecture are intended for groups of 10 at minimum , and last for about 1-2 hours.

B. an Authentic Bedouin meal :in addition to the other hosting services we offer the option for ameal ( Breakfast lunch and dinner ) ; refreshments and a carnivore feast : Madfoona and Mansaf .

C. lodging: sleep and the big tent (intended for groups of~20) and personal tents including a home-made breakfast .

D Family Gatherings such as Birthday parties Bar/Bat-mitzva, engagement parties and more .

Other miscellaneous and services provided on site :

Car accses and parking , restroom and bathrooms , storage , vegetable garden.